Over the past few years, Tarpo Industries’ Events Team has been a key partner in some of the biggest events in Kenya. These include Rhino charge, Lewa Marathon, and the Amazing Masai. 

The intricacies entailed in the preparation of such big projects require skills that the majority of organizations within the industries we are in lack. It seems redundant when we say that the success of setting up these projects is dependent on the team but that has always been Tarpo’s DNA. The people we employ, the people we work with, the clients … they are all part of this inimitable culture we have created. As pioneers of tent technology in the region, so many of our competitors have learned and copied from us but our passion is not something that can be stolen. That passion is visible in the work we do and the relationships we maintain with our customers.

So how do we optimize the work of project delivery without affecting other work within the organization when projects like Rhino charge are underway?

the Political Action Committee  

Impenetrability from outside competitors is easy to manage only if the internal affairs of an organization are near perfect.  Teamwork really does make a dream work and for Tarpo, boy, do we have a team.

Our sales team is made up of a mix of tepid, well-educated individuals with relatively quiet dispositions or extroverts who breathe life into a room, all eager to return a favor or at least give them an opportunity to make a sale. Passion is at the core of what they do.

The managerial team is made up of leaders, facilitators, advisors, and advocates, not only for a specific project, but also for the team, the business, and the cause. They are stewards of budget, time, scope, quality, and experiences for both their clients and their teams. They constantly toe the line, managing expectations and trying to make everyone happy.

The Clients are just as passionate about the project as we are with unique tastes that need to be met and expectations that can be anything but sub-par. They keep us on our toes, always expecting better and the challenge for growth is something we look forward to.

Our value stems from our voice, our experience, our ideas, our planning, and our ability to lead. That is what drives value, not the claim to master projects without an understanding of product concepts in detail.

We understand the nature of the people within the organizations. The skills that are required to do what we do is multi-talent, multi-skills, and not everyone has every one of those. We acknowledge that someone has x skill and the other has y skill so we put this together because ultimately we are looking at the bigger picture. We have built a culture that brings about the aspect of teamwork and everyone within this team is free with each other.

Don’t fall in love with the solution, flirt will multiple solutions, and fall in love with the problem!

At Tarpo, the management of a project is not about time, budget, or scope. It is about managing expectations, delivering on business outcomes, and ensuring both client and team satisfaction. The reality is that things change. Very rarely is anything delivered on time, on budget, and on scope. The business climate changes, the details are revealed, complexity increases, priorities shift, and new stakeholders are introduced. A great team understands the business objectives and drives the project to deliver on those objectives, all the while proactively anticipating needs, managing expectations, facilitating engagement, and fostering satisfaction. 

no one likes to be told their baby’s ugly.

A brand is a promise; a promise speaks the truth about who you are, and for Tarpo, it is to remain a pioneer in our fields. Our purpose is to inspire trust and challenge our team through opportunities that have a sense of adventure in order to fulfill their potential and through self-learning so that they may inspire and challenge others.

On big projects, it can be easy to get tunnel vision. Often, a critical issue or a variance in a key constraint might command all of our attention but we could end up missing something else going on which could cause us bigger problems down the road.

Creating alignment and visibility to decisions is critical. The priority lies in keeping everyone on the project team synced with the relevant data and project schedule, from the ground-level crew to major stakeholders. Sure, systems can be put in place with the help of modern technology and agile leaders who bring in a new definition of micromanagement but how effective are these systems?

the organized chaos 

There is much to learn about how Rhino Charge works because this insight is sure to give you an appreciation for the people and the work they put in to make it a success. For 2022, we started off in the concept phase a few weeks ago, where it’s important to define our success metrics and not change them unless something changes drastically. Why inject complexity into your projects at the beginning?

Follow us on our journey at tarpo.com as we bring rhino charge 2022 to life and learn how we are able to manage such complex projects in a short period of time.