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[special_sub_title title_content= “We offer tent and equipment hire in Kenya on a short and long-term lease basis. In case of any questions, send us a message below.” font_size= ‘{“d”:”24″}’ title_color= “#dddddd” title_alignment= “left” max_width= “” margin_bottom= ‘{“d”:””}’ hide_in= “” css_id= “” css_classes= “” animate= “1” animation_type= “none” animation_delay= “0” animation_duration= “300” padding= ‘{“d”:””}’ border_style= ‘{“d”:”solid”,”l”:”solid”,”t”:”solid”,”m”:”solid”}’ border= ‘{“d”:””}’ border_color= “” border_radius= “” box_shadow= “0px 0px 0px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0)” key= “fqoymvvgbt4neozc”][/special_sub_title]
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